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Trimmed Hemp Flower

The hemp flower looks likes THC marijuana. When working with a dispensary, a patient will be asked for the reason of their visit and then the prescription will be created based on what they are trying to treat. THC ranges are often 30-40%, which diminishes the CBD. Not everyone needs that dosage.

Hand trimmed flowers and sold and are often mixed with the THC dosages.

At Baywater Hemp, we offer trimmed hemp flower to our customers.

Trimmed Hemp Flower FAQs

What batch sizes do you offer?

We offer batches in all sizes based on the needs of our customers so reach out and let’s discuss.

Do you have a minimum delivery?

Although we are located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, we deliver anywhere in the United States. If you are local to the area (Annapolis, Delaware, Northern, VA) – we can also arrange for you to pick up your product.

Do you offer full terpene profiles?

Yes, we can offer full profiles upon request.

What is in your product?

All of our product is grown on our local farm and adheres to strict analysis and is grown without pesticides and herbicides. We have COAs available upon request.