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Who We Serve


Baywater Hemp is here to work with you for all your distillate, isolate, and terpene needs – no matter the size. Our operation is located on the Eastern Shores of Maryland; however, we can ship to anywhere in the country.

Our team is no stranger to working with large, national retailers through our produce farming. We are able to take that knowledge and transform it to meet the needs of the hemp farm. Baywater Hemp is rooted in the Maryland farming community with thousands of acres used for our produce and crops.

As a young company with old, deep roots – we combine the knowledge of why a quality product matters with the relationship built with customers. Baywater Hemp is constantly working to produce the highest quality extracts and concentrates on the market today. A combination of technical expertise and impassioned determination set us above the rest. Moreover, we can ship our product anywhere.

When you work with Baywater Hemp, you can be confident that we took care of our crop. We know where every seed was planted, what it took to grow them, and how it was harvested. And our customers can be confident that all hemp was grown without pesticides and herbicides. We are personally involved each step of the way, ensuring the distillates, isolates, and terpenes you purchase to enhance your products is nothing less than top-quality.

Together, we can cultivate a quality 6th generation product that encourages local farming.


The CBD Oils and lotions that we offer direct-to-consumer is of the highest quality. We know this because, just like for our business customers, our team knows each seed from seed to final form. We have a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for all of our material and we stand behind all of our products.

When you think Baywater Hemp, think Seed-to-Bottle.

It’s important for people to know where their CBD Oil is manufactured, to be comfortable that it is pure, and have a relationship with the farmer who raised the crop. Baywater Hemp is proud that we have created relationships with many of our customers and have a vested interest in helping them. Remember, we are farmers from six generations back – so relationships are just as important as the crops we grow.


If you are a business owner who is proud to educate your consumers on the products you offer, then we want to partner with you. Our team at Baywater Hemp believes deeply in the quality of our CBD Oil and is interested in space within wellness shops, natural health boutiques, and local markets.

Baywater Hemp looks forward to speaking with you and creating a long-lasting relationship. Whether you are in the Mid-Atlantic, New York City, or Seattle – we want to hear from you. Learn why our products outshine others. Email us at [email protected].

There are numerous ways to process hemp depending on the end goals, each with their own pros and cons. We utilize the cleanest methods available with Supercritical CO2 and food grade Ethanol to produce the highest quality cannabinoid rich extracts and concentrates. As well as standard extracts, we produce small batches of craft concentrates using a variety of solventless methods such as pressing rosin and dry sifting trichomes. In addition to our in house QAQC, all production batches are third party tested by certified labs to ensure quality and integrity of our products.